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Hello fellow bloggers!

I am moving from Geek At 30 over to The Feminine Pulse, please visit me there and follow our blog! It is a concept I created to give women who have something to say a chance to say. Even us geeky ones!

Hope to see you there!


Comic Book Girl

Great post! As a teacher, and voracious reader of comics, I agree with you completely! Students of all ages need to read what they enjoy, and in turn that will make the assigned readings more bearable. I did a radio spot this year to encourage superheroes in the classroom, and graphic novels treating a myriad of topics. Such an important genre!

Donalyn Miller

While I was out of town last month, our 16-year old daughter, Sarah, had a reading emergency. She told me the story over dinner when I came home, “Mom, my English teacher assigned us an independent reading project.”

I leaned in, whole body listening, “Hmm. What are the guidelines for the project?”

Once a teacher, always a teacher. I can’t help it. I wanted to know how “independent” this independent reading project was.

Sarah ticked off the requirements, “It has to be a book we haven’t read…”

We’re good so far. That’s a reasonable expectation.

She continues, “The book has to be 200 pages long.”

Whew, The Catcher in the Rye just makes the cut at 224 pages. Sorry, Of Mice and Men, you’re too short. Arbitrary rules like this one communicate to kids that teachers think students are lazy and hate to read, and they go for the…

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